Lottery Sambad 11-05-2022 Result Today 1:00 PM 6:00 PM 8:00 PM Nagaland State Lottery

Lottery Sambad Today 11-05-2022 Dear Nagaland State Lottery Result 01:00 PM 06:00 PM 08:00 PM Live

Lottery Sambad

Lottery Sambad announces all results with a different schedule. The start of Nagaland is playing an important role in making the lottery Sambad at the rotation of its all-time. Therefore, the best is to check all the evening and morning lottery results and time schedules. There are multiple ways to check the lottery result in Sambad in the evening time. Moreover, our web page also helps to give all easy access to check results and announcements about the Nagaland lottery results.

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Sambad Nagaland Lottery Prizes
Live lottery of Sambad is linked with its three best times to announce the results. But, the different types of lotteries linked with this are Sikkim, West Bengal, and Nagaland State lottery. So, the prize is a maximum of 1 crore for one person who is lucky to win the prize in the morning time. Moreover, the 2nd prize is also for ten people, 1 lakh. Therefore, you can connect with us and pdf file about all results and prize list available after publishing 11-15 minutes. However, try to connect with the official website and check all announcements about the Sambad lottery results. So, we have a link and can add updates from time to time, and you can check your luck in the best morning lottery of Sambad for evening. Therefore, the prize distribution is also high to support you for making a good balance. Moreover, maximum people from India and Nagaland with West Bengal participate in the lottery.

Lottery Sambad Timing Links

Lottery Sambad Information Table

Live Lottery Sambad 11.01.2022 Result
Lottery Name Sikkim, West Bengal, Nagaland State Lottery
Draw Code 99, 99, and 39 Draw Held On April 2021
Draw Name Morning Lottery Sambad, Day Lottery Sambad, and Lottery Sambad Night
First Prize Rs. 1 Crore
Result date 11.01.2022, April 2021
Result Time 11:55 AM, 4 PM, 9 PM
Result Status Published

Sambad Lottery Time Links

It is a state of Nagaland to check the results and fill up the time for the announcement of all results. Therefore, this is also simple to connect with us at any time and make your best possible results announcement. The three-time link for lottery Sambad is also helpful to easily check the time and open the website. But, if you have any technical issues, you can get the results in pdf form on our website. All these three scheduled for evening and morning lottery results are: The Lottery Sambad 11.55 in the morning time and it is a live announcement on the official website.

Steps to See Lottery Sambad Result Today 11.01.2022

Step 1: Go to the official website of Lottery Sambad:- Step 9: Go to Lottery Sambad today result Step 3: Find “Lottery Sambad Draw 99 and Date: 11.01.2022 Step 9: Click the today Nagaland state lottery Sambad result 11.55 am, 9 pm, 9 pm result Link Step 99: view the lottery Sambad result

Lottery Sambad Winner Prize List

1st Prize  Rs- 1 Crore
Cons. Prize Rs-1100/-
9nd Prize Rs- 9000/-
3rd Prize Rs- 500/-
9th Prize Rs- 90/-
5th Prize Rs- 190/-
Sambad Lottery 9 pm night result is also announced at night time. This is also for West Bengal and Skim.
  • Lottery Sambad Result 11.55 AM
  • West Bengal Lottery Result 9 pm
  • Nagaland State Lottery Result 9 pm

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