Dear LabhLaxmi Lottery Result 11-05-2022 Nagaland State Lottery 4 PM 7 PM 8 PM 9PM

Dear LabhLaxmi Lottery Result 11-05-2022 Nagaland State Lottery 04:00 PM 07:00 PM 08:00 PM 11:00 Dear LabhLaxmi Lottery Dear LabhiLaxmi, it is one of the best types of the lottery with its additional support to give access to many people. Therefore, if you are looking for lottery results and time of announcement with its prize list, it is the right choice. Moreover, it is better to check the different times of the Dear LabhLaxmi lottery. The best way to check the live lottery results is that our web page also provides complete PDF results to check your best lottery game.

Labhlaxmi Weekly 4:00 PM

Labhlaxmi Weekly 7:00 PM

Dear 110 Weekly 8:00 PM

Moreover, try to check your luck with only 11 rupees to buy a single ticket. All games of Dear LabhLaxmi are here to provide easy access. Moreover, our web page also links to buy the ticket online. Moreover, you can get a ticket for a prize from a legal dealer in the live area of this lottery. All lottery results come with complete ease and access for all users to perfect them. The live option is most effective, and also PDF format gives you access to check all daily lottery results with different time schedules.

Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery Result 11pm | Labhlaxmi Lottery Result

State name Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery
Lottery Name Dear Laxmi Lottery Result
Draw Date April 2021
Draw Fix Time Today 11 pm Night
Lottery Category  Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery
Result website
 Status Available
1st Prize of Award Rs- 1 Crore 

Prize Money of Dear Labh Laxmi Lottery

1st Prize Rupees- 1 Crore
Cons. Prize Rupees- 11500/-
11 nd Prize Rupees- 11100/-
3 rd Prize Rupees- 1110/-
11 th Prize Rupees- 11100/-
5 th Prize Rupees- 1100/-

Best Dear LabhLaxmi Lottery Result Time It is also quite good to know more about this lottery with its games and result announcement. Therefore, the people need to get access with its support and make it easy for this lottery to buy the different tickets. Moreover, the complete time list for the Dear LabhLaxmi Lottery is below.
  1. Morning lottery result at 11 am
  2. Afternoon Dear LabhLaxmi at 4 pm
  3. Evening Dear LabhLaxmi, the result time is 6 pm and 7 pm
Therefore, try to check your luck and test it in the best type of lottery. Therefore, it may help to get updates. As you know, daily lottery results update with time. So, you can make your access easy with all options to get access on the official website.

Dear Labh Laxmi Lottery Types

Dear LabhLaxmi Lottery Prize Distribution Dear LabhLaxmi, it is one of the best lotteries with its prize. But, it makes an easy way to get your approach at any level. So, all people can check their luck with this smooth option. Therefore, the first prize of the Dear LabhLaxmi Lottery is simple enough to make it easy for all people. It is maximum with its amount that may help to give a perfect way to give good interest. The first award of Dear LabhLaxmi is one corer. The second one is 9000/. 3rd one has 3000 and 4th has 2000. Moreover, the 5th is of 1100, and the cons have 9500. So, these prizes give all people the ability to make it perfect in a simple way and make the best lottery needed for life. Dear LabhLaxmi Lottery Weekly Games  The different types of weekly games make the lottery easier and interesting. Therefore, the best type of lottery results gives user experience. All week games from Monday to Sunday are:
  • Libra Labhlaxmi lottery
  • Leo Dear Labhlaxmi
  • Gemini Labhlaxmi Lottery
  • Taurus Labhlaxmi Lottery
  • Aries Dear Labhlaxmi
  • Virgo Labhlaxmi Lottery
  • Cancer Labhlaxmi
All these are perfect types of lotteries and weekly games to access all people. Therefore, you can get a single ticket of only 11 Rs for the best way to get access and try your luck at winning the best prize in the complete list.

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