Bodoland Lottery Result Today 11-05-2022 Assam State Lottery 12:00 PM 03:00 PM 07:00 PM

Bodoland Lottery Result Today 11-05-2022 Assam State Lottery 12:00 PM 03:00 PM 07:00 PM

Bodoland Lottery The lottery is the best part of every Indian people. Most people are now taking part in the different types of lotteries. Many types of lotteries are there to give access to all users. Moreover, the Bodoland Lottery is also one of India’s best types of lottery. So, you need to check the time and games of this lottery to make it easy and possible for your to win. A lucky person can win the best lottery in the evening or morning lottery. Bodoland Lottery results publish daily and make it easy for people to access. It is all time announced on the official online website. So, you can make it easy to register yourself and buy a ticket for the Bodoland Lottery that is perfect with its prize. Thus, buy a single ticket to make your lottery perfect and win the games. All lucky winners get a handsome amount from this evening’s lottery. Moreover, this lottery is legal and not illegal.

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Bodoland Lottery Results Time The lottery is perfect for giving access to all people in India. There is a schedule for all games to play and win your lucky lottery game. Moreover, the lottery results and time announcement schedule help to get your results. So, the different times of the games are given here. Online results are announced on the official website on time. Therefore, this is a time to announce all results from Monday to Sunday.

  1. Bodoland Lottery result at 3 pm
  2. Afternoon lottery results at 2 pm
  3. Evening lottery result at 11 pm

If you cannot find the results on time with the official website online, you can easily get a pdf file to make your access for checking different lottery results. Therefore, check the pdf results on our web page and check your name and a ticket number. How To Participate In The Bodoland Lottery? It is simple to become a part of the best Bodoland Lottery online. In this world, all things are possible, and now lottery is also set on the online platform. So, you need to check a dealer that provides you with a ticket for this lottery. But, the tickets are also available at the official online website to get one and become a part of the Bodoland best lottery. Moreover, it is a lottery that is good with its different weekly games to play them and make part of your chance for winning the lottery and game. What Are The Weekly Games Of the Bodoland Lottery? It is a lottery that is legal for all people. So, the different weekly games make it perfect with its prize distribution. The names of weekly games from Monday to Sunday are:

  • Yellow Monday
  • Green Tuesday
  • Red Wednesday
  • Violet Thursday
  • Orange Friday
  • White Saturday
  • Blue Sunday

These are the seven games played on time and make people’s interest more and more to become a part of this best game. Moreover, a lucky winner wins the prize of 1 lakh. The second prize is also high to make your experience better with this game.


1st Prize Rupees- 50,000/-
11nd Prize Rupees 11,000/-
3rd Prize Rupees- 3,500/-
11th Prize Rupees- 1110/-
5th Prize Rupees- 110/-
11th Prize Rupees- 50/-

Bodoland Lottery Prize Details Assam State Lottery

Bodoland lottery Result Today 24.02.22
Lottery Name Assam State Bodoland Lottery
Draw Code 5 & 51
Draw Name Rosa Deer Diamond, Singam Kull White, Kumaran Vishnu Wave, Thangam Nallaneram Skill, Swarnalaxmi Gold
Today’s Draw Rosa Series, Deer Series, Singam Series, Kull Series, Kumaran Series, Vishnu Series, Thangam Series, Nallaneram Series, Swarnalaxmi Series
First Prize Rs. 50,000
Result date Today 24.02.22
Result Time 11.15 PM, 3.15 PM, 8 PM
Status of Result Published


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Step 1: Go to the official website of

Step 11: Go to Bodolandlottery Result Today

Step 3: Find “Rosa Series and Draw Date: 24.012021

Step 11: Click the today Bodoland lottery result from 111 pm, 3 pm, 11 pm result Link

Step 1111: view the Bodoland lottery results


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